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                                            Coming Soon: track listings
                                                             if interested, i DO trades so
    `                       Little Earthquakes      email me & let me know (:
                               Under the Pink
                                Boys for Pele
                                from the choirgirl hotel
                                                   Past the Mission #1 (UK)
                                                    Cornflake Girl
                                                    Caught a Lite Sneeze
                                                     Hey Jupiter
                                                     Professional Widow
                                                     In the Springtime of His Voodoo
                                                     Spark 1(UK)
                                                      Spark 2(UK)
                                                       Raspberry Swirl (UK)
                                                        Jackie's Strength
                                                        Cruel/Raspberry Swirl
                                                        Jackie's Strength Remixes
                   Y Kant Tori Read & Other Rarities
                   Forgotten Earthquakes: Bsides & Rarities (all of LE B-sides)
                    Under the Covers with Tori: 4 years of cover stealing
                    Little Rarities 2: even more rarities (all UtP b-sides plus Tea
                            with the Waitress interview)
                    Tori Stories (4 cd box set with a buncha shitz :)
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