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more tori stuff...
       bootlegs (cont.)
    broadcasts and b-sides (all bfP b-sides & some live stuff)
    berlin '96 (berlin, germany 3.25.96 + a few extra treats)
    piano lessons (poughkeepsie, NY 9.10.96)
    clean (sunrise, FL 4.12.96)
    dew drop inn boulder (boulder, co 11.11.96 (2 cd set - last dew  drop inn
                show) + highlights from the night b4)
    phoenix (toronto,ON 4.28.98 + some of chicago IL 4.30.98 + a few other things)
    "i aint gettin jiggy with nuthin!"* (wallingford, CT 8.4.98 + never seen
                blue/sugar live from 96)
    i'm the lucky bitch with the birthday* (sunrise, FL 8.22.98 - tori's bday)
    lip gloss boost* (assorted live plugged 98 shows from 4.20.98 to 7.21.98)
    andromeda* (norman, OK 8.29.98)
    sh-sh-shock me sane* (omaha 8.30.98)
    i believe ur the  devil, bitch!* (houston, TX 10.3.98)
    blue* (dallas, TX 10.4.98)
    have to dance, Babe* (memphis, TN 10.7.98)
        there's some more i have but i'd have to get up & look for them & im too lazy lol
            more to come
                                        *i named these myself ...aren't they cute? heh (:

       more to come! interested in trading? email me (:

tori related cds
    higher learning soundtrack (with butterfly & losing my religion)
    BT blue skies #1 (kewl tori techno)
    BT blue skies #2 (yet more kewl tori techno)
    great expectations soundtrack (with finn & siren)
    great expectations score (with finn-longer version & paradiso perduto)
    launch issue #6
    launch issue #19 (tori on cover)

Interview cds
    radio interviews promoting BfP b4 it came out
    the interview sessions
    in conversation
    the interview
    assorted interviews

        official releases
    little earthquakes (with all LE videos & live stuff)
    live from new york (the whole benefit concert for RAINN)
    every officially release tori music video (including big picture)
               bootleg videos
    compilamos live '92 - '95
    st. denis, montreal 94 (proffesionally recorded)
    much music 1.29.96 + mtv 120 minutes '96
    mtv unplugged
    virgin megastore 5.13.96
    new haven, ct 5.11.96
    philadelphia, PA 4.26.98

    little earthquakes songbook
    under the pink songbook
    the bee sides songbook
    boys for pele songbook
    from the choirgirl hotel songbook
    cornflake girl (biography)
    images & insights
    all these years (version 2)
    cd sized biography
    yet another cd sized biography
    & yes, another cd sized biography
    alot of assorted magazines (ill be damned if i go thru them all to list heh)

    under the pink (black & white)
    face (in pink & purple)
    face closeup
    cute pic of tori in a junkie baddy powder shirt
    boys for pele (back pic of cd)
    tori's face cropped on the left side (brown & black)
    choirgirl scan of tori in a silver tiger print dress
    HUGE poster of tori playing piano
    HUGE poster of tori sitting on a bed with a toothpick
    HUGE poster of the choirgirl cover
    under the pink flat
    choirgirl flat
    choirgirl promo poster (pic used on the spark single)
    poster of tori on cover of rolling stone
    "silk blue dress" pic from GOD video
    poster of 50 most beautiful ppl pic

                        thats about sure there's some stuff im missing or forgot to put on...  anyways.... & again if u r interested in trading (audio stuff only heh)
email me & let me know! THANX