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          Tori Trip Pix

ok here are most of the pix (the better half) of what i took during our 4 day tori trip... (: (in order taken) (go here for memphis pix)

me in front of tori's tour bus the night b4 the show

me & ann in front of the bus (piggy back)

ryan, me, & gina waiting in line for the austin show

tori playing in austin

tori again in austin

tori wetting herself in austin

tori at houston meet & greet

another houston tori pic

me, ann, & jeff actin all krazy bowling after the houston show

me in dallas at 10.30am with NO sleep (kant u tell?)

super grover (that jeff would soon give to tori...)

the "first 5" at the dallas meet & greet (all wonderful ppl)

tori coming out to meet us (:

tori meeting ppl at the end

workin her way down

signin stuff

cute smile (:

signin a book

cutest smile (:

sigin & talkin

yet more signin heh

tori hugging me (((:

tori talking to jeff

tori signing jeff's LE booklet

jeff giving tori super grover & tori loving him at first sight (:

tori guarding grover with her life (:

stuffing grover in her pocket

my little eartquakes book signed to me by tori (:

my signed under the pink flat

the drawing i gave tori in memphis (thought i'd throw it in here) (:

for more pix taken by the lovely gina (:

for pix taken in Memphis (meet & greet and show)