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               Tori Trip
                                           "i got a few friends..."

from the days of Oct.1 to Oct.4 me & some friends took a little Tori Trip thru Texas... we all started off in Austin on Oct.1 (some of them had gone to the San Antonio show the day b4) Houston on Oct.3 and ended up in Dallas on Oct.4
in Austin we were all pretty much at the very front & in Houston we were all just as close (: (my dallas tix sucked, tho gina & ashy got pit (: yah!)
i was lucky enough to meet tori in dallas (as well as in memphis ...those pix will be up as soon as i get em)..when i met her in dallas it was the most wonderful thing & i will forever cherish that memory ...i was #5 there & i met some amazing ppl too. when i met tori she said i had the most wonderful blue eyes (my contacts) & we talked a bit & she gave me the biggest hug & nicknamed me BLUE (she played never seen blue at the show..not quite sure if that was directly for me but it was still very special & i still thanked her) (:
i can honestly say i had one of the most wonderful & memorable times of my life. here are some pix from the trip that I took ... hope you like (:

          Tori Trip pix