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here r some pix of me... alot of which r inspired by the artwork of From The Choirgirl Hotel ...for now im just making a list of pix...maybe later i can actually put up thumbnails....

SCANS of ME (a la tori) - (the newer (& better in my opinion) pix r towards the end)
scan1          scan2          scan3          scan4          scan5          scan6          scan7          scan8          scan9          scan10          scan11      scan12
scan13        scan14       scan15        scan16          scan17      scan18
scan19        scan20        scan21       scan22          scan23      scan24
scan25        scan26        scan27       scan28          scan29       scan30
scan31       scan32      scan33      scan34
scan35      scan36
                                           more to come (:

REGULAR PIX of ME - (they r a few months old but o well)
pic1            pic2          pic3          pic4          pic5          pic6          pic7          pic8
pic9          pic10        pic11(new)  pic12(new) pic13(new)  pic14(new) pic15(new)  pic16(new)
                                                    more to come (:

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