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well this is a lil section about me i suppose... not much to me but i'll try to tell whut i can (: as u prolly already have guessed, i'm gay & i LOVE Tori Amos & if ur a bit slow maybe, well now u know. Tori has always been there for me, especially when i had no one else, & shes just a magical being that holds a huge special place in my heart (hehe is that like cheesy?) anyways...i love her to death (:  so anyways..more about me: my name is EddiE, i'm 19, live in Ft. Worth TX with my immediate family, i go to school in Dallas at the Art Institute (so if u go there look for me & say hi cuz i like know no one..guess i'm too shy heh) & im studying computer animation there.... hmmm let's see...i guess thats about it right now...if i think of anything else ill be sure to update this lil section... down there is a link to sum pix of me...i think there's quite a few so hope i dont scare ya heh (:          later taters


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